Franchise organization joins forces to greatly help hurricane victims

How Anago Cleaning Systems is making a notable difference.

Not long ago i had the pleasure of interviewing two executives of an incredible franchise group out of Florida that banded together to bring aid and relief to hurricane victims within their communities and elsewhere.

Anago Cleaning Systems is a franchise organization located in Ft. Lauderdale that currently has over 1,400 units in america and Canada.

I spoke to Adam Povlitz, who’s the president of the business. He gave me a brief overview of the business that was founded by his father Dave Povlitz in 1989 in Michigan. He explained that the name Anago is a Greek word which means to steer or uplift, or blessed by god , according to his grandmother.

I quickly learned that they surpass their name.

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Adam Povlitz introduced me to his right-hand man, Juan Catoni, plus they shared their story. Catoni may be the company’s vice president of operations and in addition owns and operates the South Florida master franchise, which oversees a lot more than 200 franchisees. If they received the news headlines of the inbound hurricane, they put their heads together to devise ways to mobilize their franchise network to greatly help their communities.

  1. Prior to the event, send out a contact with preparation tips and a listing of resources which will help the franchisee in the event of emergency.
  2. Host an educational meeting for the staff to comprehend options through the storm and where you can seek shelter if you need to and how to locate any office operations, post-event.
  3. Make sure you have a solid communication plan set up in case of lack of transportation or power.
  4. Franchisor reaches out to all or any the franchisees showing their concern and have when there is anything they are able to do to greatly help.
  5. Send containers of water, clothes, food or other things the franchisee might need following the event.
  6. Encourage neighboring franchise owners who might not have already been affected to venture out and assist their fellow franchisees.
  7. Following the event, (as the franchisor), personally make a spot to venture out and physically help franchise owners who are in need, by clearing up debris, etc.
  8. Send a handwritten note showing concern during the healing process.
  9. Go help local franchisees tidy up their office and homes following the event.
  10. Send a contact with respect to the franchisee to all or any of the franchisee’s clients and explain their situation and provide any support throughout their healing process.
  11. Be sure to keep your business’s and family’s most significant documents in a safe place and encourage your staff to accomplish the same.
  12. Create a business inventory at least 72 hours ahead of event.
  13. Disasters are incredibly complicated situations that want people with an extremely high amount of qualifications and long-term commitment, not only good will, a feeling of urgency and short-term availability. So sending a handbook about practical disaster preparedness to the franchisees to attack any circumstance after and during a disaster is effective and gives them a feeling of power.
  14. Consider temporary relocation for your workers and franchisees if needed.
  15. Have sufficient supplies stocked for you personally and the people you’ve planned to help after a tragedy.
  16. Be calm, patient and hopeful.

After the storm hit, the team had been doing his thing with an assigned point of contact in each market, supplies and hands-on assistance for folks within their affected towns and neighborhoods, even finding temporary housing for a person that lost the roof of their house in the storm. In addition they helped their commercial clients that had a need to get cleaned up and open for business again.

In addition they decided that they might use their network and newfound disaster relief skills to send aid to Puerto Rico! They recruited a boat and crew and sent over 264,000 gallons of fresh water and other supplies.

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