Help for the neighbor: application rules for organizations

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Below are some of the rules organizations must follow when making an application.

Stuttgart – In the following we present some of the rules that organizations must observe when filing an application. Employees of the organizations receive the detailed application rules from their internal contact person or from "Help for the neighbor".

 – General: An application to "Help for the neighbor" must be placed on the association’s sample form – the form is available from the organizations entitled to apply or can be requested by email at [email protected]

An application can be made at any time of the year, even if it is a Christmas campaign. The association tries to stretch the funds so that they usually last until the start of a new donation season.

The following principles apply:

Principle of subordination: "Help for the Neighbors e.V." can only help if all other state and municipal aids have been exhausted.

Residence principle: Applications can only be submitted for people in need whose center of life is permanently in Stuttgart or the region. The Stuttgart region includes: the state capital Stuttgart, the Rems-Murr district and the districts of Ludwigsburg, Goppingen, Esslingen and Boblingen.

No anonymity: An anonymity of the applicants is not possible, all applications must contain the real name of the client. The personal data will of course be treated confidentially.

Cost estimates: All applications must be accompanied by cost estimates or copies of invoices.

Statement of costs: If you request more than one item / service, we ask for an informal list.

– Unfortunately, we cannot approve applications from the following areas:

> Fees and deposits, such as fines, legal fees, passport fees, brokerage fees, and rental deposits

> Travel expenses, such as recreational leave or accompanying trips to funerals at home and abroad.

> Funeral expenses; Transfers abroad

> Costs for a private car or motorcycle, such as repairs or insurance

> privately used computers

> Monthly or annual tickets for local public transport. An exception may be requested for training or further training.

> Cell phone and internet charges

> License costs. We will only cover the costs for (re-) obtaining a driver’s license if a job has been promised in writing.

Projects: Target of "Help for the neighbor" is to help people in need directly. If there is still money left at the end of the donation season, we also support projects in individual cases. A decision on project applications is usually not made until late summer (August / September). However, you can submit your project proposals at any time.

Our most important principle is still that we want to help in an uncomplicated, unbureaucratic way and without major formalities.

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