The state lacks more than 185,000 employees

The state lacks employees in the public sector – around 185,000 teachers, firefighters and employees in job centers. The situation at daycare centers and schools is particularly critical, explained the Association of Officials. In addition, not enough new employees would be hired.

There is a shortage of personnel with announcement: According to the Federal Office of Civil Servants (dbb), the state currently lacks more than 185,000 employees – educators, teachers, firefighters and judicial personnel. According to dbb, this deficiency is likely to worsen extremely in the coming years.

"We are missing people everywhere," said dbb chairman Ulrich Silberbach. "Due to the lack of new hires for years, the average age of the existing staff continues to rise, and in the next 15 years alone around 1.5 million colleagues will retire due to age." If one subtracts the expected new hires, there would be a shortage of several hundred thousand employees.

Less teacher and student boom

The largest gap is with the municipalities, which need more than 130,000 educators, explained the dbb in Berlin. According to dbb, the situation will also worsen at schools. There were already 32,000 teachers missing. To make matters worse, the number of schoolchildren will rise in the coming years, contrary to previous forecasts. The Bertelsmann Foundation calculated that in a study. The causes are rising birth rates and immigration.

The federal and state police forces need 8,500 additional employees, the judiciary is missing 3,000 employees, 1,500 in the job centers and 2,500 in the public health service. According to DBB 4000, the youth welfare offices are missing 3,000 employees.

The figures come from the individual member unions of the dbb and, according to the Beamtenbund, show vacancies and the actual staff shortage in everyday work. Among other things, because of the challenges posed by inclusion and migration, states and municipalities in particular need additional staff, according to the dbb, under whose umbrella 42 member unions are organized.

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