The tone between biden and trump is getting sharper

The fronts between Donald Trump and Joe Biden are hardening. The incumbent does not want to give way, the election winner prepares to govern. Troubled weeks are ahead of the United States.

The designated US President Joe Biden does not want to be disturbed by the incidents of incumbent Donald Trump. "We’ll get to work right away," said the Democrat in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Biden described it as "embarrassing" that Trump still refuses to admit his election defeat.

Trump wrote on Twitter once again that last week’s election had resulted in massive fraud without any evidence, saying: "We will win". It has been clear that Trump lost the election since his rival Biden was declared the winner of the election on Saturday after a long hanging game on the basis of count results and forecasts by the US media. The fact that he does not recognize this victory and wants to take legal action against it goes against any democratic tradition in the USA. Still, some senior Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had his back.

First names for Thanksgiving?

Nothing can stop the handover of official business, said Biden. He was probably alluding to the lawsuits of the Trump team, which want to challenge the election results in several states. He was optimistic that he would be able to name the first names of his future cabinet by Thanksgiving on November 26th. Biden answered questions from journalists for the first time since he was declared the winner of the election on Saturday after a long hanging game based on count results and forecasts by the US media.

Anti-Trump group launches campaign around fraud allegations

Meanwhile, an anti-Trump group founded by Republicans has launched a campaign against law firms that are supposed to represent the US president in his contestation of the election. The Lincoln Project also called on Twitter to use social media accounts to track down Jones Day and Porter Wright lawyers and ask them, "How can you work for an organization that is trying to defeat the will of the American people." The Lincoln Project also indicated a desire to get clients to turn away from the law firms. As recently as Tuesday, Porter Wright deleted its Twitter account after it was flooded with angry comments.

Poll – Around 80 percent of Americans recognize Biden as the election winner

According to a poll, the designated US President Joe Biden is recognized by almost 80 percent of Americans as the future President of the USA. A Reuters / Ipsos opinion poll found that 79 percent of voters in the US believe that Biden won the November 3rd presidential election. Another 13 percent said the election outcome was still open. Around five percent of those surveyed said they did not know who won, and three percent assume that incumbent Donald Trump will have a second term.

The survey also found that 72 percent of US citizens believe that the loser in the election must admit defeat. Of those surveyed, 60 percent believe there will be a peaceful change of power if Trump’s term ends on January 20th.

Trump continues to play for time

The elected president is still trying to put obstacles in the way of his successor. As reported by the AP news agency, Trump Biden denied, among other things, the intelligence briefings that elected presidents usually receive after the election.

Instead, Trump’s campaign team filed a lawsuit over illegal voting in the US state of Michigan. The Michigan election results are unlikely to be confirmed until it has been verified that all votes have been legitimately cast, it says. During the count, Trump wanted to stop the counting of votes in the state, and a judge dismissed the lawsuit.

Other Republicans just don’t seem to want to admit the electoral defeat. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there would be "a smooth transition to a second Trump administration." Pompeo reacted thinly to the question of whether Trump’s refusal to admit defeat was not discrediting calls by the State Department to other countries for fair and free elections. "That’s ridiculous," said Pompeo.

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