The union of values ​​spokesman resigns over threats

Recently, the Union of Values ​​had to take a lot of criticism because of its proximity to the AfD – also within the CDU. Now the spokesman for the association resigned. He was threatened, it was said to justify.

The spokesman for the conservative union of values, Ralf Hocker, is resigning from all his political offices and is also leaving the CDU. The Cologne lawyer justified this step with massive hostility and threats.

"Two hours ago, it was made clear to me in the most blatant way possible that I have to end my political commitment immediately if I don’t want to fear any ‘consequences’," wrote Hocker on Facebook. "The announcement was credible and unmistakable. I bow to the pressure and resign all my political offices with immediate effect and declare my resignation from all political organizations."

Resignation from all political associations

Hocker did not want to comment on the type of threat. When asked by, he wanted to get the topic over and done with: "I’m leaving all political associations (CDU, Union of Values, LSU, Economic Council, Konrad’s heirs) and just want to have my peace and quiet."

The chairman of the Union of Values, Alexander Mitsch, confirmed the resignation. "I can understand that he no longer wants to continue under the pressure and I deeply regret and condemn that such things are possible in Germany," said Mitsch.

Union of values ​​is also criticized by the CDU

The Union of Values ​​sees itself as a representative of the conservative current in the Union, but is not an official party division, but organized as an association. According to Mitsch, it has around 4400 members.

It is currently also in massive criticism in the Union. Most recently, several CDU politicians had spoken out in favor of members of the ultra-conservative group because of their encouragement Election of the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich as Prime Minister of Thuringia to push out of the party. Kemmerich was elected with votes from liberals, CDU and AfD.

Mitsch had donated money to the AfD

Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus accused parts of the union of values ​​of a lack of demarcation to the right. "Anyone who does not make this distinction (…) is not right with us," said the CDU politician of the "Saarbrucker Zeitung". The chairman of the Junge Union, Tilman Kuban, questioned Mitsch’s CDU membership because of donations to the AfD. "One cannot tolerate this behavior, and therefore Mr. Mitsch has to ask himself whether he still has his place in the CDU," said Kuban on RTL.

Mitsch had previously confirmed to the ARD magazine Monitor in the past Donated money to the AfD and thought about joining the AfD to have.

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