Waiblinger table shop after relocation: new rooms and a few new helpers

Supplies for the customers: an employee from Tafel Waiblingen equips the shelves Photo: Gottfried Stoppel

The time in the alternative gymnasium is over: the Waiblingen table has moved into new rooms on Benzstrasse. As usual, there are cheap goods there – but some things have also changed.

Waiblingen – The last bills from the move are coming in these days, the clothes closet is still missing a large mirror in which customers can look at themselves in their new outfit, and some work processes still have to get used to. But all in all, the workforce at the Waiblinger table shop has arrived safely, around four weeks after moving to the new domicile on Benzstrasse. The rooms that Tafel Waiblingen has rented in the Ameisenbuhl industrial park are bright and friendly. Above all, however, the new shop offers significantly more space than the previous one at the Fronackerstrabe location.

The club had to close it in March because with its 60 square meters of sales area it offered far too little space to operate in accordance with the Corona distance rules. For a few weeks, until the end of the summer vacation, the food store was allowed to use a sports hall in the Waiblinger Staufer school center as an alternative accommodation. The association then took the opportunity to rent the premises of the former social department store.

The rental is a "huge stroke of luck", says Petra Off, who runs the food store. "We now have a total of around 340 square meters of sales and storage space," reports Petra Off and mentions the elevator that the association had installed as a further plus point of the new location. The delivery vans could now drive backwards towards the building, the pallets loaded with goods could be unloaded by forklift and then simply pushed into the elevator. “It’s a lot easier for us now,” she says.

The cold store is located in the basement and is now divided into a cold store and a deep-freeze store. On this day, there are trolleys in the cooling area in which yoghurts and rice pudding are stacked, while frozen pizzas, ice cream and French fries are waiting for customers in the next room. Thanks to more space, you can now spontaneously accept frozen goods, which was previously not possible with three freezers.

The new location also offers advantages for customers, says Erika Severin from the association’s board of directors: "Customers can now wait in the courtyard and no longer have to stand on the presentation plate in the street, which is much more pleasant for them." Train station as easily accessible as the previous location. However, the new address has apparently not got around to everyone: "Many of our customers are still missing."

The food shop is still busy – also because due to the corona pandemic, some people are dependent on cheap goods. “For example, there are more students coming who have not previously been table customers,” says Petra Off. It becomes noticeable that a large number of mini-jobs, for example in the restaurant business, have been eliminated. These days, she is also seeing customers more often whom she has not seen for years – because they have lost their jobs or are on short-time work.

Petra Off walks through the sales room, it is shortly before the store opens. Here an employee sweeps up a few crumbs on the floor, in the vegetable and fruit department two women are arranging apples and oranges on the shelf. “Our processes are completely different than before,” says Petra Off: “We are now serving in the fruit and vegetable area.” The self-service shop stopped when the gym was selling. “Our employees wanted to keep that here. This makes it easier to assess the products and to pass them on at a lower price. "The emergency solution in the hall has left further positive marks, says Erika Severin:" During this time we received a lot of new helpers, five of them up to us six have been preserved, and they come regularly. ”The association has initially leased the premises in Benzstrasse for five years, with the option of extending the contract twice for three years. "We’re not going to leave here that fast," says Erika Severin.

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