Waldkraiburg: suspect admits further attack plans

The series of attacks on Turkish facilities in Waldkraiburg had caused horror. Now the suspect has confessed to further attack plans. According to the federal prosecutor’s office, he wanted to attack mosques and shoot their imams.

The Waldkraiburg assassin confessed to having planned further attacks. This was confirmed by the federal prosecutor in Karlsruhe, who took over the investigation in the case. Accordingly, the man planned to attack several mosques of the Islamic association Ditib in the Waldkraiburg area between May .

The 25-year-old had also targeted both the Turkish Consulate General in Munich and the Ditib Central Mosque in Cologne. His goal was to shoot the imams responsible. Since February he has been producing incendiary devices and significant quantities of explosives for the attacks.

Pipe bombs and chemicals secured

The suspect describes himself as a supporter of the so-called Islamic State and is currently in custody. He is said to have thrown the windows of three Turkish shops in Waldkraiburg (Muhldorf am Inn district) and started a fire in a vegetable shop Six people were injured.

A week and a half ago, the police arrested the 25-year-old and subsequently seized almost two dozen working pipe bombs, kilos of chemicals and a pistol from him.

Ditib calls for clarification

Numerous victims, including the managing director of the Turkish-Islamic Ditib regional association in Southern Bavaria, Aykan Inan, are calling for the series of attacks to be investigated quickly. It is still unclear whether the alleged perpetrators acted alone, or whether he had supporters. He is said to have acted out of hatred of people of Turkish origin and the Turkish state.

After the first attacks, the Upper Bavarian police worked out a security concept with the Ditib community in Waldkraiburg. Doors were locked when nobody was in the mosque. The surveillance technology such as cameras and recordings have been checked. The police had been on patrol more often.

Suspect visited mosque in Waldkraiburg

Meanwhile, there is unrest in the Islamic community in Oberhofen in the Muhldorf district. The suspect is said to have visited the mosque there. As the board of directors of the mosque confirmed to Bayerischer Rundfunk, there was a difference of opinion with the imam responsible. The 25-year-old would not fit into this mosque, the imam is said to have reported after the meeting.

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