Waldkraiburger attacks: federal prosecutor’s office determined

A series of attacks on businesses of Turkish-born owners in Bavaria is said to be the result of a self-proclaimed IS supporter. Germany’s top investigators are now intervening. The case is of particular importance.

After attacks on businesses of Turkish-born owners in Waldkraiburg, Upper Bavaria, the Federal Prosecutor took over the investigation. The reason is the special importance of the case, said the spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office of the dpa news agency. In addition, there is a suspicion of preparing a serious act of violence that is dangerous to the state.

Since April, the windows of three Turkish shops in Waldkraiburg (Muhldorf am Inn district) had been smashed and a fire was started in a vegetable shop. Six people were injured. A week and a half ago, the police arrested a suspect. Nearly two dozen working pipe bombs were found on him, pounds of chemicals and a pistol.

Motif: "Hatred of Turks"

The German-born man confessed to the attacks. The 25-year-old had described himself as an IS fighter and given "hatred of Turks" as his motive. However, the investigators doubt a direct connection to the terrorist militia. They assume that the man acted alone.

The suspect has been in custody since then. He is also charged with attempted murder because of the arson attack with six injured. Especially because of this act, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office attaches particular importance to the case.

Apparently attacks on mosques are planned

Neither the Federal Prosecutor’s Office nor the Central Office for Combating Extremism and Terrorism at the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office or the Upper Bavarian police provided details. According to a "Spiegel" report, however, the suspect was planning attacks on mosques and imams.

As the magazine reported online, it should be about explosives and bomb attacks, among other things, on churches of the Turkish mosque association Ditib in the vicinity of Waldkraiburg and on the Ditib Central Mosque in Cologne. He wanted to shoot the imams. He is also said to have prepared a bomb attack on the Turkish consulate general in Munich.

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